My approach to healing work and massage is to empower your body’s innate wisdom to transform your current aches and pains into relief and flow with life. You get only one precious body in this lifetime, so taking good care of yourself is a must.
Massage and Bodywork is so much more than just a manipulation of muscle tissue. Healing touch effects the nervous system, immune system, subtle energy body, and mind. For those who are seeking a life of empowered health and vitality, regular bodywork is key. Massage greatly reduces pain, increases energy flow, and connects you with your natural state of being: BLISS!
I have been a professional massage therapist, and massage therapy instructor since 2003. I am also a certified yoga teacher and holistic wellness coach.


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What is Healing Alchemy?
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Simply put, the word alchemy means transformation.  Alchemy has its roots in China and Egypt, followed by Arabia, and later medieval Europe, influenced by the Moors via Spain.  The alchemists of old were seekers, concerned with transforming base metals into … Read More

Integrating Modalities: Cupping, Lomi, & Hot Stones
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Over the many years of practicing massage, I’ve probably learned at least 15 modalities.  I think as massage therapists, it’s important to keep learning in order to stay inspired in our practices.  The question becomes: which modalities to use, and … Read More

The Spiritual Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)
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When I began my journey with CBD about a year and a half ago, I knew very well that cannabis and its constituents had vast medicinal value.  What I did not expect from working with the cannabinoid CBD as well … Read More

Staying Healthy on Pele’s Island: Top 10 Vog Remedies
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(Re-post from To live on an active volcano and to witness the power of this primal creative force of nature is awe-inspiring. And this incredible act of creation comes with some interesting side effects; namely volcanic “smog,” otherwise known … Read More

5 Ways to Boost Your Massage Income with Hemp CBD
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I have been incorporating CBD massage into my practice for a few years, and I’d like to share some insights with you.  I lived in Humboldt county for 7 years, so I may know a thing or two about cannabis.  😉 … Read More

Raw (Un)Sushi Nori Wraps and Cucumber Salad
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A raw or semi-raw diet can lift our spirits, heighten our senses and help us celebrate the lightness of being. I live in Hawaii, where it’s almost always warm, so eating raw really fits the climate.  Raw food can be … Read More

Green Smoothie 101
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Ahh, I wouldn’t be a holistic health coach if I didn’t write the ubiquitous green smoothie post!  I’m going to try something a little different here, and not post a single recipe, but a recipe template. Hopefully it will inspire … Read More

10 Essential Natural Cold and Flu Remedies
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Stay healthy this cold and flu season with these Essential Home Remedies. Can you believe the average person is sick for an entire month out of the year?  That’s more time than most people get for vacation!  No bueno.  Thankfully, … Read More

5 Tips for Managing your Energy on Social Media
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Like any tool, facebook, instagram, pintrest, you-name-it, can be extremely beneficial.  “Facecrack,” especially, for me is one that I need to be very mindful to use wisely.  What may begin as a quick peep, can easily turn into hours going … Read More

What You Need to Know About Home Water Filters
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Water is foundational to life itself.  With increasing environmental degradation, the supply of clean, pure drinking water is rapidly diminishing.  Over the last 100 years we’ve seen a lot of our natural water supply dry up, get diverted, or polluted.  … Read More

Rage Against the Food Machine
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I am thankful for my teenage years as a rebellious punk rock lover. It ignited the spirit within me of questioning authority, and seeing the need to “change the system.” Although I’m much more grounded in my perspective now that … Read More

Fascia – What is it? (Hint: It’s not a David Bowie Song)
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Fascia!  Turn to the left.  Fascia!  Turn to the right. Ok, so maybe David Bowie wasn’t singing about fascia, but…what is fascia anyway? Being the anatomy nerd I am, I’m really keen on fascia. I sometimes get the question “What … Read More