Aloha and Welcome!

You are a Powerful Creator and LIFE is your masterpiece.

My purpose is to help you activate your full creative potential, bliss, and power so that you can live in optimal health and abundance. I do this through sharing my favorite practices and tools for transformation and self-healing.

How do we tap into our innate gifts so that we can live our best lives and create a positive impact on the world?

What do we need to let go of in order to allow this process to happen?

What I've learned over more than 2 decades of spiritual and healing practice, is that self transformation, vibrant health, and creating a life you love begins in the present moment. It begins with small steps that ripple out across time and space. It weaves the many layers of your multidimensional self - body, mind, and spirit. I'm here to help nurture the light within you, to guide you to discover your inner gold and superpowers, to shed what no longer serves in your evolution as a soul.

Like many on the healing path, I ended up here because of my own challenges. I've suffered with chronic illness, depression, anxiety, addiction, toxic relationships, and financial struggle. I am grateful for these challenges because they led me on a path of discovery, empowerment, and self-transformation. My challenges have given me the tools to help others, and to have a deeper understanding of how to support the body, mind, and spirit and trust the process.

Being an empowered alchemist doesn't mean life is perfect. It's about strengthening your inner tools, unpacking your challenges and transforming them into your greatest gifts. Vibrant energy, love, deep connection, creativity, fulfillment, adventure, and abundance are all available to you now. Whatever you want to create is already waiting for you. You can manifest ANYTHING you desire, but you must be willing to change. Just ask the butterfly. Things are really good on the other side!

I'm happy you're here, and I look forward to connecting on this journey with you.

Brenna Moore