5 Tips for Managing your Energy on Social Media

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Like any tool, facebook, instagram, pintrest, you-name-it, can be extremely beneficial.  “Facecrack,” especially, for me is one that I need to be very mindful to use wisely.  What may begin as a quick peep, can easily turn into hours going down the rabbit hole, doing nothing productive, and whacking out my energy.Social Media sucks your soul

Here are some tips to keep you focused and balanced in the world of social media.

  1.  Before you click on facebook, ask yourself, “What am I doing and why am I doing it?”  Are you simply bored or perhaps procrastinating on something that you know you should be doing, but don’t want to?  If you can’t think of a real, compelling reason that aligns with your current goals, I suggest skipping facecrack, and focusing on accomplishing a goal-related task instead.
  2. Give yourself a time limit.  We use social media for so many great things, and it certainly has a purpose.  Before you get on, know how long you intend to spend.  Plan out how many times a day you will hop on, and stick to that.
  3. Close out the tab.  Oh, that little notification ding can be so tempting, can’t it?  Will the world come to a standstill if you don’t go over and check it?  Nope!  If your social media tab is always open on your computer, the temptation to waste time will be ever-present.
  4. Unfollow posts that aren’t intensely interesting to you.  Say you commented on someone’s cute little baby.  Well, so will 100 other people.  Unfollow that post immediately.  Reduce your notification clutter.
  5. Social media fast.  Just like over-eating, over-stimulating our brains with so much information is debilitating.  It separates from who we really are, and can over-clutter the mind.  Plan on at least one day a week to NOT get on any social media.

I maintain my sanity as well by not installing messenger, not adding friends who I don’t personally know, unfollowing people who don’t add value to my feed, and tweaking my notification settings so that I only see important stuff.  I know everyone’s purpose and intention on social media is different.  Like any tool, it can be used for good or evil.

Let us know in the comments below any other tips you use to maintain the balance of sanity while navigating this brave new world of social media.


By Brenna Moore

Licensed Massage Therapist, Kona, Hawaii

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